English vs Portuguese: A Comparison of 23 Useful Phrases

English vs Portuguese: A Comparison of 23 Useful Phrases

English Phrases:
1. Hello/Hi – Olá/Oi
2. Goodbye – Adeus/Tchau
3. Please – Por favor
4. Thank you – Obrigado (male)/Obrigada (female)
5. You’re welcome – De nada
6. Excuse me – Com licença
7. I’m sorry – Desculpe
8. How are you? – Como está?/Como vai?
9. What’s your name? – Qual é o seu nome?
10. My name is… – Meu nome é…
11. Where is…? – Onde fica…?
12. Can you help me? – Você pode me ajudar?
13. I don’t understand – Eu não entendo
14. Could you repeat that, please? – Poderia repetir, por favor?
15. Do you speak English? – Você fala inglês?
16. I need… – Eu preciso de…
17. How much does it cost? – Quanto custa?
18. Where is the bathroom? – Onde fica o banheiro?
19. I love you – Eu te amo
20. Happy birthday – Feliz aniversário
21. Cheers! – Saúde!
22. Good luck – Boa sorte
23. See you later – Até logo

Portuguese Phrases:
1. Olá/Oi – Hello/Hi
2. Adeus/Tchau – Goodbye
3. Por favor – Please
4. Obrigado/Obrigada – Thank you
5. De nada – You’re welcome
6. Com licença – Excuse me
7. Desculpe – I’m sorry
8. Como está?/Como vai? – How are you?
9. Qual é o seu nome? – What’s your name?
10. Meu nome é… – My name is…
11. Onde fica…? – Where is…?
12. Você pode me ajudar? – Can you help me?
13. Eu não entendo – I don’t understand
14. Poderia repetir, por favor? – Could you repeat that, please?
15. Você fala inglês? – Do you speak English?
16. Eu preciso de… – I need…
17. Quanto custa? – How much does it cost?
18. Onde fica o banheiro? – Where is the bathroom?
19. Eu te amo – I love you
20. Feliz aniversário – Happy birthday
21. Saúde! – Cheers!
22. Boa sorte – Good luck
23. Até logo – See you later

Learning a new language can be challenging, but knowing some basic phrases can greatly enhance your communication skills. English and Portuguese share some similarities in phrases, although their pronunciation and grammar are quite different. Let’s explore a comparison of 23 useful phrases in both languages.

Starting with greetings, both English and Portuguese have similar phrases to say hello and hi. In English, we say “Hello” or “Hi,” while in Portuguese, it’s “Olá” or “Oi.” Similarly, the phrase for goodbye is “Goodbye” in English and “Adeus” or “Tchau” in Portuguese.

When it comes to politeness, “Please” is “Por favor” in Portuguese and English. Expressing gratitude with “Thank you” is “Obrigado” for males and “Obrigada” for females in Portuguese, whereas in English, it remains the same.

To apologize, both languages use similar phrases. In English, we say “I’m sorry,” and in Portuguese, it’s “Desculpe.” If you need someone’s attention, you can say “Excuse me” in English, which translates to “Com licença” in Portuguese.

When asking about someone’s well-being, both languages have various phrases. In English, it’s “How are you?” while in Portuguese, it can be “Como está?” or “Como vai?”

To ask someone’s name, in English, we say “What’s your name?” and in Portuguese, it’s “Qual é o seu nome?” When introducing oneself, in English, we say “My name is…” and in Portuguese, it’s “Meu nome é…”

If you need directions, asking “Where is…?” can be expressed as “Onde fica…?” in Portuguese and English. And if you require assistance, you can ask “Can you help me?” which is translated to “Você pode me ajudar?” in Portuguese.

When faced with a language barrier, phrases like “I don’t understand” (Eu não entendo) and “Could you repeat that, please?” (Poderia repetir, por favor?) can be useful in both languages. Asking if someone speaks English can be articulated as “Do you speak English?” (Você fala inglês?) in Portuguese and English.

In everyday scenarios, knowing how to express basic needs is essential. Phrases like “I need…” (Eu preciso de…) and “How much does it cost?” (Quanto custa?) can prove helpful when shopping or seeking assistance.

Finding the bathroom can sometimes be a challenge, but knowing how to ask “Where is the bathroom?” is crucial. In Portuguese, it’s “Onde fica o banheiro?” while in English, it remains the same.

Shower love and birthday wishes with phrases such as “I love you” (Eu te amo) and “Happy birthday” (Feliz aniversário). Celebratory expressions like “Cheers!” (Saúde!) and “Good luck” (Boa sorte) are also common in both languages.

Ending a conversation with “See you later” can be said as “Até logo” in Portuguese and English. It’s a friendly way to bid farewell until you meet again.

These 23 useful phrases showcase the similarities and differences between English and Portuguese. Learning these phrases will not only enhance your language skills but also help you communicate effectively in various scenarios. So, whether you’re traveling to an English-speaking country or exploring the beauty of Portugal, these phrases will come in handy. Start practicing and enjoy the journey of language learning!


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